Oilfield corrosion inhibitor

AD-605 Inhibitor for Oil Refinery

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1. Description

This is a new high-efficiency oil and water soluble inhibitor for oil refinery process. Featuring membrane formation and neutralization functions, it can effectively inhibit the dispersing of H2S-HCL-CO2-H2O and the corrosion of organic acid, and is resistant to salt scaling and fouling.

2. Technical Data




Brownish red liquid

Density (20), g/cm3


PH (1% water solution)  


Condensation point   


Solubility, %

Soluble in water

3. Applications

The inhibitor is applied to anticorrosion treatment on distillation tower and pipelines in oil refinery plants.

4. Features

(1) In ammonia injection process, the dosage is 10-20ppm, the iron ion in output water is less than 3ppm (1ppm and below taking up 80%) and the pH value for output water shall be 7-8.

(2) Other than ammonia injection process, the dosage is 10-40ppm, the iron ion in output water is less than 3ppm (1ppm and below taking up 80%) and the pH value for output water shall be 7-8.

(3) This inhibitor has both membrane formation and neutralization properties. It is fast in forming membrane and the membrane is dense and solid enough to bear the flow erosion. The obvious evidence is stable iron ion value during the process.

(4) The inhibitor has excellent oxidation resistance. Even with 100ppm, there’s no emulsification. All this ensures fast oil-water separation and output water without oil content.

(5) It is applicable for crude oil with different sulfur content. Adjust the dosage to ensure the output water iron ion less than 3ppm.

(6) This inhibitor has low condensation point. Therefore, it is good for cold weather use.

5. Directions for Use

This product shall be mixed with water and added into the system.

6. Package and Storage

Packed with 200kg iron barrel or plastic barrel, stored in cool and dry indoors, and the shelf life is 1 year.


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