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AD-502 Crude Oil Pour Point Depressant

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1. Description

AD-502 is a mixture of polymers, which can significantly decrease condensation and viscosity of crude oil with 10-30% paraffin content by absorbing the paraffin crystal. When added in the pipelines, it may help lower the inlet and parallel operation temperature, save power consumption, slow the pipeline corrosion, extend its service life and lower the minimum transmission load to ensure safer and more flexible low and ultra-low load operation. It is applied to long pipelines and oilfield internal pipelines for depressing and viscosity reduction during crude oil production and transportation, and brings high economic and social benefits.

2. Technical Data




light yellow to brown solid powder, diameter6mm

Density, g/cm3


solubility in oil 

This product has high solubility in oil and can be completely dissolved in crude oil at 80or diesel at 70 within 150 minutes

3. Directions for Use

(1) Preparation

This crude oil depressant is soluble in toluene, diesel, kerosene and crude oil. While in use, add it in the crude oil, at 80-85, mix intensively and make a 5-10% crude oil solution.

(2) Injection

Inject the mixed solution with concentration of 50-100ppm into the pipeline at no less than 70, make it thoroughly mixed with the crude oil and heat the mixture.

4. Package and Storage


Packed with iron barrel, net weight 175kg/barrel, avoid being exposed to sunshine, rain, and collision, and stored in cool and dry indoors, and the shelf life is 1 year.


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