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AD-501 Composite Crude Oil Demulsifier

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1. Description

The emulsion that is developed from the water contained crude oil has viscosity, density and condensation point, which causes poor fluidity of the oil, production load increase for the oil wells, and power consumption increase for storage and transportation processes. AD-501 composite crude oil demulsifier is a mixture of fatty alcohol, propylene oxide, ethylene oxide, surfactant, solvent and additives. This product that is environment-friendly with low toxicity has the advantages of fast dehydration and low water content of dehydrated oil, which solves the crude oil demulsification problem.

2. Technical Data




Homogeneous liquid

Density (20), g/cm3       ≥


Condensation point      ≤


Relative dehydration rate, %   ≥


3. Features

(1) Fast and efficient on demulsification and dehydration.

(2) Paraffin removing and inhibiting, viscosity reducing, and backpressure lowering.

(3) Excellent adaptability and broad spectrum.

4. Directions for Use

This product shall be thoroughly mixed with 1 ton of crude oil (output liquid) by 0.05-0.1kg (50-100mg/L) and set the mixture for sedimentation. Otherwise, the AD-501 demulsifier shall be injected into the oil well casing through the wellhead.

5. Package and Storage


Packed with iron or plastic barrels, net weight 50kg/barrel or 200kg/barrel, stored in cool and dry indoors, and the shelf life is 1 year.


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